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Mediation and Arbitration

Alternative dispute resolution resolves complex insurance issues

Pomeroy, Heller & Ley, LLC, located in New Providence, New Jersey, offers clients mediation and arbitration services to resolve insurance issues. Our business expertise combined with experience specific to insurance defense make us uniquely qualified to serve as mediators and arbitrators.

  • Arbitration—As arbitrators, our attorneys decide the issues to be resolved, the process to be used, and the resolution after both sides have presented their evidence. The arbitration process is private and renders decisions by which both parties must abide.
  • Mediation—As impartial mediators, we advise the parties involved and offer our suggestions to resolve their differences. Our experience allows us to offer creative solutions that may help parties come to agreement. However, the results of mediation are not binding.

These methods of alternative dispute resolution provide benefits, such as—

  • Lower cost
  • Faster resolution
  • Greater control over the outcome
  • Confidentiality
  • Greater overall flexibility

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To speak with a New Jersey mediator or arbitrator, call 973-467-9600 or contact Pomeroy, Heller & Ley, LLC online.

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